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Post Amusement Park Reflection

GA Crew

The GA Crew

The day after: so how did it go? There were certainly some bumps in the trip. The main issue we faced was the weather, and by “weather” I mean the whole gamut of conditions were present. Rain? It dumped for a while. Sunshine? Sure, we had some of that. Cold? You bet, as it alternated between comfortable and freezing at times. It certainly leaves us with stories to tell about hiding from the rain or riding in the rain. It also had the benefit of keeping all crowds away.

The real unfortunate consequence of the rain is that it closed more rides than normal. Before entering the park I made the decision to hand out my cell phone number so that the students could reach me. As it turned out it was a good decision as I was able to help many students on the fly. I will look for more ways to incorporate that into the future.

I had a blast riding rides with students and spending time with a faculty buddy while there. I find it interesting that a day like this allows for relaxation but accomplishes so much in terms of working through ideas that don’t otherwise get discussed. It also allowed me to talk with students out side of the classroom context. It is possible that I am robot on most days and so maybe this adding a human quality to their experience.

Lab Report Assignment Notes

Here are some things to keep in mind about the lab report when writing this. A lab report is like an essay that could be written in English or History class. It has a different structure, obviously, but it should read as a continuous story. Students should focus on how the parts connect with the others. The handouts and the rubric all try and help convey this to you as well.

Specific Reminders

  • Submit your reports to by the due date as well (one per group)
  • Send your photos to me via email


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