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Chemistry Honors – Class 27



  • Periods A, C – Tuesday, October 22nd
  • Period D – Thursday, October 24th
  • NOTE: No sophomore classes on Wednesday, October 23rd

Review Homework

  • volunteers at the board
  • How do I know which elements are paired? (diatomic)
  • NOFAT7 identification = diatomic elements
    • N, O, F, Cl, Br, I, At
    • Hydrogen
    • In pairs when alone natural state
    • does not apply to compounds

How do I show that matter is conserved in a reaction?

  • Balancing is an iterative process – keep trying
  • Only change coefficient
  • coefficients apply to the whole formula
  • don’t change formulas
  • Best way to learn is by practicing


  • first balance elements that appear in only one compound on each side
  • then proceed to go back and forth, checking and double-checking
  • write a number in front of each, including the “1”
  • underline the coefficients at the end

In-Class Work

  • Chapter 6 problem 38
  • be sure and leave room for writing changing answers
  • using PENCIL helps – you can erase!


  • Chapter 6 (41)
  • Quiz on writing and balancing reactions on Friday for all sections


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