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Chemistry Honors – Class 8



  • Period A – Tuesday, January 21st
  • Periods C, D – Wednesday, January 22nd

Review Lab Notebooks

  • How you show your work is more important than correct answer
  • calculation is one line (don’t break into parts)
  • show units for every number
  • data is not calculations (separate tables)
  • show only one example of any calculation – summarize the rest
  • no personal pronouns
  • important to label data / calc tables properly
  • unit is not a quantity
  • accuracy vs precision

Lab Next Class – Formula of Hydrate

  • what is a hydrate?
  • how do we go about finding its formula?
  • what setup do we use? (DEMO)
  • what data do we collect?
  • What calculations are needed?

“Prep the Lab Notebook”

  • before every lab – must be done
  • written directly into the LNB (ink)
  • Purpose, Background, Procedure, Data Tables
  • student could conduct lab using LNB (not lab handout)


  • Prepare for the lab
  • Reminder – proper attire for lab


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