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Chemistry Honors – Class 9

Copper II Sulfate


  • Periods A, C, D – Thursday, January 23rd

Lab Day – Notes

  • for those looking to finish on time, be sure and wash the crucible thoroughly right away and get started on the drying as soon as possible. Everything else follows after that
  • be careful to wait long enough before finding the mass of the crucible after heating – a crucible that is hot will not produce the same apparent mass as one that is room temperature
  • be careful to use the crucible tongs properly – grabbing the lip of the crucible with the end of the tongs (never use the indented section of the tongs as this is unstable)
  • the second heating (with the hydrate inside the crucible) is crucial to ensure that all of the water has been driven from the hydrate


  • complete all calculations neatly in the LNB
  • be sure and follow the rules of keeping a LNB (as described in previous blog post)


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