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Chemistry Honors – Class 13 & Class 14

Dates Class 13 (Exam Review)

  • Period A – Thursday, January 30th
  • Periods C, D – Friday, January 31st

Dates Class 14 (Exam)

  • Periods A, C – Monday, February 3rd
  • Period D – Tuesday, February 4th

Exam Review

  • Exam Objectives (The student should be able to…)
    • perform calculations using the rules of significant figures
    • identify the basis (the need for) significant figures
    • determine the molar mass of a substance using the periodic table
    • show calculations showing the importance of units and clear process
    • determine the mass of a substance given mole information
    • identify the parts and steps of the “mole map”
    • use the mole map to relate quantitative information about a substance
    • determine the percent composition of a substance given the formula
    • determine the empirical formula of a substance given mass information
    • determine the true formula of a substance given the empirical formula and the known molar mass
  • Exam Format
    • six questions – short answer type
    • may use periodic table and classroom calculator
    • no naming of compounds on this exam
    • neatness / process / units = important
  • Exam Review Practice
    • Ch. 8 (85, 88, 118, 122, 124, 125)
    • Note – this is more than is reasonable to complete during one class, or even at home to prepare for the test. However, if more practice is required then I invite you to attempt all that you wish. Please attempt several of each type of question
    • Note – I will NOT collect this as homework, so this is for your enrichment. I will collect the assigned homework prior to this class on the day of the exam.


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