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Chemistry Honors – Class 17 / Class 18


Exam Review Dates

  • Periods A, C – Friday, February 7th
  • Period D – Monday, February 10th

Exam Dates

  • Period – Monday, February 10th
  • Periods C, D – Tuesday, February 11th

Exam Objectives (Textbook Chapter 9) – The student should be able to:

  • Predict the moles of a product of a chemical reaction given information about the reactants
  • Determine the amount of reactant necessary to completely react another reactant in a chemical reaction
  • Predict the theoretical yield of a product in a reaction
  • Use the “mole map” to relate quantities of participants in a reaction
  • Given information about two reactants, determine the limiting reactant
  • Compute the percent yield of a product given the actual yield of a product

Exam Structure

  • Four Questions (all are “work-em’out”)
  • 4th question = limiting reactants (using the table shown in class)
  • Significant figures matter
  • No, you cannot use your woobie
  • No, I won’t make you name compounds or predict reactions
  • Yes, you are expected to balance reactions where appropriate


  • Study for Exam! (review class problems and textbook examples)
  • NOTE – extra review documents in the shared folder
  • NOTE – the textbook is an EXCELLENT resource for this material

Homework (for Class 19 on Wed)

  • “Prep the Lab” in your Lab Notebook (Formula of an Oxide of Magnesium)
  • Be sure and include all the parts identified in class
  • Note – all lab calculations, analysis, conclusion due by Class 20 (turn in LNB by end of the week)


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