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Chemistry Honors – Class 23



  • Period A – Wednesday, February 26th
  • Periods C, D – Thursday, February 27th

Activity – Determining the Specific Heat Capacity of a Substance

  • The goal of this activity is to determine the specific heat capacity of a substance
  • Each student group must devise a procedure that will allow then to determine this quantity
  • Materials: calorimeter, hot plate, thermometer, water, substance
  • Finish the activity by the end of the period in LNB
  • HINT: What purpose does the calorimeter serve?


  • Finish in-class lab determination (in LNB – not a formal lab at all)
  • “Prep the Lab” for the Peanut Lab
  • Handout in the shared folder
  • Install Sprkvue HD on iPad [LINK]


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