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Chemistry Honors – Class 41 & Class 42

The Gooch!

The Gooch!


  • Period A: Friday, April 4th / Monday April 7th
  • Period C: Friday, April 4th / Monday April 7th
  • Period D: Friday, April 4th / Tuesday, April 8th

Lab – Analysis of an Alloy

  • Day 1 – Precipitation
    • Collect Textbook HW
    • THEORY – Gotta know how to predict the amount of NaCl needed
    • SAFETY – Neutralize acid spills with NaHCO3
    • SAFETY – Conduct reaction in the hood
    • SAFETY – Always transfer materials to your lab table
    • At the end of period you will leave labeled beaker covered in hood
  • Day 2 – Filtration & Mass
    • Complete filtration during class
    • Leave crucible to dry in the oven
    • NOTE – you must obtain final mass before next class meeting (after school? OH?)


  • Make sure all of your pre-lab and prep are done properly
  • All calculations due in LNB by the start of class 43 (Tue-Wed)
  • NOTE – known value = 90.0% Silver in alloy (use this for percent error calculation)
  • NOTE – copying answers to pre-lab questions from the Internet is not cool and leads to lab quizzes during class
  • NOTE – sending information to classmates regarding the answers to lab questions is considered plagiarism

Lab Quiz

  • Period A – Thursday
  • Periods C, D – Wednesday
  • Covered topics = lab reactions, lab calculations, lab theory, lab observations, lab procedure
  • NOTE – make sure you know the correct theory and reactions


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