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Chemistry Honors – Class 43 & Class 44

Home Opener - 2014

Home Opener – 2014


  • Period A: Tuesday, April 8th / Thursday, April 10th
  • Period C: Wednesday, April 9th / Thursday, April 10th
  • Period D: Wednesday, April 9th / Thursday, April 10th


  • I will be unavailable during office hours on Wednesday (April 9th)

Lab Quiz

  • Covered topics = lab reactions, lab calculations, lab theory, lab observations, lab procedure
  • NOTE – make sure you know the correct theory and reactions

Collect LNB

  • thoughts about the lab?
  • lab techniques learned?
  • lab questions?

Solution Chemistry

  • review textbook homework
  • extend concepts – more practice


  • No HW this week or over the Break



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