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Chemistry Honors – Class 49

Beautiful Titration Curve

Beautiful Titration Curve


  • Periods A, C, D: Tuesday, April 29th

Lab Notes

  • known solution [OH-1] = 1.012 M
  • record initial and final volumes of both acid and base
  • use about 3 mL of acid to begin
  • you will use two PASCO Airlink connectors: drop counter and pH meter
  • determine the total drops for the base used to get the volume per drop
  • Q: how do you know the end point of the titration? (Hint: it is NOT @ pH = 7)
  • Note: please keep the pH sensor in solution at all times
  • Rinse the pH sensor with distilled water when moving between solutions
  • conduct 2+ trials
  • Drop Count = X axis
  • pH = Y axis
  • after done with a trial, select data point to get X/Y coordinates


  • finish lab calculations


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