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Independent Research (IRS) – Introduction


Phase 1 – Introduction and Defining Scope of Project

  • Dates: August 25 – September 3rd


  • Review of class connectivity (Remind, Dropbox, Schoology)
  • What makes a project suitable for experimentation?
  • Sharing ideas within the group

Key Ideas – Great Projects

  • arise from interest and passion
  • ask open-ended question
  • possible to collect data
  • challenges with human subjects for data
  • clear definition – can complete this semester

Next Steps

  • contact people who can help you get the data you want (use my name)
  • think of two more ideas: limited version of project and one completely different
  • ONE MORE THING – please buy lab notebook ASAP LINK =


  • refine project idea before proceeding to the research phase of the course.
  • the details of data collection and specifics do not need to be known
  • a workable idea, as approved by the instructor is required by September 9th


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