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AP Chemistry – Class 32

Oxygen Spectrum


  • Thursday, October 30th

New Material – Quantum Mechanics

  • Spectrum Lines – what do you see in the tubes?
  • What is different about each tube?
  • What explanation is offered for this?

Activity – Hydrogen Spectrum (use your LNB)

  • Calculate the energy of each of the first 7 levels of the hydrogen atom. You will need the Rydberg formula (p. 214) to do this step.
  • List all of the possible transitions between these levels, from upper to lower levels. For example: 7-1, 7-2.
  • Determine the energy of each possible transition. This is determined by calculating the difference between each transition
  • Calculate the wavelength associated with each transition. (Note – see p. 215 for more on this)
  • Draw the spectrum for Hydrogen. Draw a line for each wavelength, as if drawing on an axis with the wavelength as “x” axis, and each line drawn to the same length.
  • Compare your drawn spectrum to the known spectrum


  • Finish spectrum activity
  • Ch. 6 Notes (whole chapter)
  • PDF to Dropbox by Monday


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