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Chemistry Honors – Class 39

Climb the Mountain!

Climb the Mountain!


  • Periods B, D: Thursday, November 13th
  • Period G: Friday, November 14th

Solution Stoichiometry: In-Class Work

  • Chapter 4 problems assigned to complete during class
  • Reminder: problem solutions posted in Schoology
  • Work in groups / pairs / alone
  • Show all work / take your time
  • Units / Sig Figs / Process
  • Stay calm, and keep stoichiometring

Assigned Work – NOTE: write balanced reactions first for each!

  • 55 (the sodium salt is added as a solid – assume it dissolves and THEN reacts)
  • 58 (this is a limiting reactant problem like we did in class)
  • 61 (same as 58)
  • 62 (think visually / same as problem shown in class)
  • 64 (there are two separate reactions – write both – only one produces a PPT)


  • complete this work for homework


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