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Chemistry Honors – Class 35



  • Period B: Monday, March 23rd
  • Period D: Tuesday, March 24th
  • Period G: Tuesday, March 24th

Electron Configurations

  • Homework questions?
  • Exceptions to configuration trends?
  • What about excited atoms?
  • What about ions?

Periodic Table Trends (In-Class Exercise)

  • Ionization Energy – examine the chart the top of the page – explain!
  • How are valences connected to configurations? Examine the chart below – explain!
  • How are atomic sizes related to position on the PT? Explain!
  • How do ionic sizes compare across the PT? Explain!
  • Write your explanations and submit to Schoology as one document
  • HW: Ch. 7 (94, 100, 105, 107, 110)



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