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Digital LNB


I am ready to implement yet another way of using a digital lab notebook in my classes. My attempts in the past have all possessed critical flaws that make me reluctant to use them moving ahead. Yet the promise of an all-digital approach is still very appealing. However, a recent update to the iPad app “OneNote” has me optimistic. Is there a way to use this efficiently and powerfully in the course? What changed is that the app allows for digital inking in addition to typing and photos and cutting-pasting. In other words, it now has the functionality that makes an iPad more useful than your basic laptop. So I forge ahead with cautious optimism that my students will truly be free of the dreaded printed LNB!

Steps to Start

  • Download the “OneNote” app to your iPad (it is free)
  • Sign-in to be able to use the app
  • You will need a Microsoft-OneNote login to be able to do this. You might have to create one using your SHP email account
  • Create a new notebook within OneNote
  • Title the notebook: “B-York” substituting your period and your last name as appropriate
  • Share the notebook with Quinton (to his email address) so that he can edit

Using the Notebook

  • Across the top of the notebook are tabs. Think of these tabs as separate lab activities.
  • For each tab there are Pages which are sub-sections within the tab.
  • Think of these as the parts of the lab (Purpose, Procedure etc.)
  • Use the Title “Lab 1” for the first tab.
  • You can also access your OneNote notebooks on any web page on any computer
  • The final lab activity of the semester will be completed using this method


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