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Chemistry Honors – Class 07



  • Period A: Tuesday, January 19th
  • Period B: Wednesday, January 20th
  • Period F: Wednesday, January 20th

Exam Recap

  • lots of homework to return
  • questions?

Activity – Counting By Mass


  • A – Count out 25 pieces of one item
  • B – Determine the mass of these items
  • C – Grab a handful of the same item (without counting)
  • D – Find the mass of the handful
  • E – Count number of items in the “handful” sample
  • F – Record observations of each item
  • Repeat for as many materials as possible


  • G – Determine the mass of one item using A/B
  • H – Predict the number of items in handful using G
  • I – Compare H to E (percent error formula)

More Calculations (using calculation G)

  • J – Determine the mass of one dozen items
  • K – Determine the mass of one million items
  • L – Determine how many items makes 1.000 kg
  • M – Determine the mass of 1 mole of items (1 mole = 6.02 x 1023)
  • N – Determine the moles of each item that are equivalent to 543 pieces


  • How do I show my work in LNB?
  • How do I show calculations in my LNB?
  • How many examples do I need to show?
  • What is a data table?
  • What is a calculation table?
  • Note – sample LNB format posted in Schoology


  • Finish all work from the lab in the LNB (by next class meeting)


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