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Chemistry Honors: Class 51



  • Period F: Wednesday, May 4th
  • Period A: Wednesday, May 4th
  • Period B: Wednesday, May 4th

LNB Check

  • Submit LNB for check (and grade)

Practice Problem

  • A student wants to determine the energy content of a piece of chicken. She takes a 2.5-gram sample and places it into a Bomb calorimeter. A bomb calorimeter doesn’t use water but the calorimeter itself changes temperature with the process. The calorimeter has a heat capacity of 750 J/°C. The chicken is burned completely and the calorimeter raises in temperature a total of 45°C. Determine the energy content of the chicken (Calories).

Lab Recap

  • necessary calculations?
  • uncertainty factors?
  • how to deal with aluminum can?
  • NOTE: if running out of space need new LNB [LINK] or  [LINK]

Lab Quiz

  • Quiz on the Lab (Class 52)
  • will be provided data – get answers
  • uncertainty factors
  • will collect LNB to start class period
  • NOTE: be sure and finish lab parts


  • finish lab in LNB
  • study for lab quiz
  • NOTE: retake quiz for Energy Quiz = Thursday, May 5th @ lunch


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