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AD03 – Conversations



  • Friday, September 16th
  • Monday, September 19th

Sophomore year Topic

  • Feedback: How do I provide constructive feedback to a peer and/or adult?

Friday Afternoon (end of the day)

  • check-in
  • discussion prompt
  • will not start conversation
  • what group norms should we have for this? (participation, risk, validation, honesty)
  • role of advisor?
  • HW: think of situation where feedback went well? poorly? (ready to share)

Monday Advisory (2nd half of Block)


  • feedback to a peer vs. adult.
  • how do you like to hear constructive feedback from a peer?
  • how do you like to hear feedback from an adult?
  • advisor thoughts on topic (feedback from students)
  • technology vs in person methodology


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