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Special Message to 2020

Jospeh Mitchell
Dear Fabulous and Amazing Class of 2020,

I know it’s been a month since I’ve seen you all, but I wanted to write to you to say that I miss you and that I’m sorry that I’m not there to enjoy the spring semester with you. Although it’s been a challenge, I’m doing okay and am working hard on getting back to my healthy self. One of the things that really helped me those first few days were your lovely cards and your “double plus good” video messages. They made me feel missed and appreciated, and reminded me of how much I love spending time with all of you.

I heard from Mr. Quinton that your “Casti@Work” day went well. Please don’t drop out of school and join a startup just yet! I also know that you’re performing at Banquet soon and I really wish I could see it. Remember to take a lot of mental notes to help you when you all run banquet next year.

Your class has had to deal with some unique challenges this year, starting off with your retreat.  This inaugural event put you in borrowed tents and you had to ride to Walden West in tiny busses because the roads had been washed out.  Then on our first day, several of you were attacked by yellow jackets and on the second night a tree fell on the power lines and cut off electricity to the entire facility.  To all of these challenges, you were amazingly resilient and rolled with whatever happened.  You stayed positive and supported each other.  How you dealt with these challenges reflects how special you are as a class. You have so many gifts and so much personality.  Most importantly, what stands out about the Class of 2020, is your kindness.  I know you have a few more months left as sophomores, but I am excited to see what you will do as juniors and seniors as you become the leaders of the school.  You are destined for great things.

Until I see you again, enjoy Banquet and be kind to Dr. Ross in I&S —she loves you and is super generous in teaching these two sections while I am out. And of course, support Mr. Quinton who is big-hearted to sub for me at class meetings.

Sending big smiles and hugs to all of you!

-Mr. M.


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