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To Amna I will introduce you
A senior so splendid, and so true
This woman with grace
When you see her face
There’s no chance you can leave feeling blue

I first met her in chemistry class
Like most of you, probs found me too rash
With thoughtful approach
Showed me without boast
Excellence with calm – a true badass

She’s quite an accomplished young baker
A skill Quinton is only faker
She knows from the start
The way to the heart
Is a chocolate chip vegan wafer

An inaugural member of BLAST
She’s part of the fire-making cast
Though quiet and chill
She sure needs her fill
Of blowing shit up – oh what a thrill

There’s no student who is quite so dear
And whose kindness is joy to my ears
So she’s touched my heart
With gentle impart
Angel on earth stands tall with her peers

January 16, 2019

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