swim, chem, baseball, I talk with my hands


There once was a young woman named Claire
Who seemed to be found everywhere
With strength and desire
Seemed lit by a fire
And could stop you stone cold with her stare

What sport can’t our Claire fully master?
Blocking shots, opponents get plastered!
A force at POLO
Her motto: YOLO
A true wrecking crew! A shot blaster!

Our China journey was so alive
Was the best trip of her life – she thrived
And doing her part
Sharing from the heart
Poop scale one to ten: always a five

So with Katie she created BLAST
Best club on campus – never outclassed
Made it so much fun
Get ready to run
Blows up the circle – better run fast

Once called me immature teenager
Which seems like an insult quite major
Yet Colin don’t mind
‘cuz Claire is so kind
Always shares love, warmth – it’s her nature

The Class of 2019 to be fair
Is pure gold! Pisani does her share
To you I present
With sincere intent
Amazing, incomparable Claire!

March 6, 2019

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