swim, chem, baseball, I talk with my hands


There was a young scholar, Eliz-beth
Worked hard, should always been out of breath!
Ambitious and strong…
This ode is my song
A woman of such fiber and depth

In China she brought fun every day
Ever helpful and eager to play
Now friends with her host
Yet where she shone most
Perhaps was singing Karaoke

Excelled in chem way back in her youth
Asking great questions, real science sleuth
In period five
With heart did she strive
To understand the stapler – such truth!

Last year she was the best chem TA
This year lead StemX all of the way
Bad-ass scientist
Yet also a gift
Her song can turn the skies blue from gray

Can’t say enough about her kindness
Inspiring and helps to remind us
That right from the start
She gives from her heart
Knows helping others is what bind us

My words here only scratch the surface
Stays true in this whole Casti circus
Abundantly clear
We’ll miss her next year
And thank you for all you have brought us

May 22, 2019

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