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Once was a girl named, Otelima
Brought joy to everyone it seems a
Crime to let her go
So our job’s to show
How much she means to our whole team – DUH
Never met a more daring spirit
Sees the world as a place without limits
Nashville, Nevada
Texas, Canada
Philadelphia? Where won’t you visit?
A new US citizen – what might!
Patriotic! Passionate! Dat’s right!
Yet right from the start
What warms my heart
She’s part of DUB NATION – so bright!
Of friends she has thousands on Facebook
Queen of Instagram – such a chic look!
Yet what matters most
Beyond all the posts
She’s here in person – so happy I’m shook!
We wish her well, she’s part of our fam
My heartfelt emotions – not a sham
So let’s raise a glass
We know she kicks ass
TA-moo-nah-tuh-LEE-muh AY-bruh-HAM
March 27, 2019

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