swim, chem, baseball, I talk with my hands


There once was a woman, Riona
In so many ways she has shown a
Quiet and strong way
For how one might slay
Casti dragons with fierce persona

When we first met in chemistry class
Always was clear she’d more than “just pass”
Bringing art and style
Molecules and smiles
And science smarts that are so bad-ass

Her friends find her direct, authentic
Nothing about her speaks of panic
Yet in Shakespeare’s time
She might hear the line
“Thou villianous sheep-biting varlet”

Our China trip was simply the best
She took photos to share with the rest
Visually so good
The pictures of food
Hungry now! Flat noodles I request!

Part of Robotics team to break through
Gatorbotics 1700 – slew
Sick robot deployed
Traveled and enjoyed
Double-stuff Oreos to fuel the crew

She welcomed me from the very start
Included me; I wasn’t apart
So now it’s my turn
Let’s listen and learn
Riona: like mine, she’ll warm your heart

May 1, 2019

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