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CH46 – Changing

Dates P4 – Thursday, May 10th P5 – Friday, May 11th P7 – Friday, May 11th Recap – Ideal Gas Law Homework? Questions? New Idea – Changing Gas Conditions What … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Classes 19 / 20

Dates (Class 19) Periods B, D: Wednesday, October 1st Period G: Thursday, October 2nd Dates (Class 20) Period B: Thursday, October 2nd Periods D, G: Friday, October 3rd Mole Practice … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 18

Dates Periods B, D: Tuesday, September 30th Period G: Wednesday, October 1st Lab Recap Intent of the lab? Counting by mass? Lab format? New Material – Moles! presentation on mole … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 02

Date Wednesday, August 28th Summer Exam exam covering the material assigned over the summer break first 30 minutes of the class period review exam after completion New(ish) Material writing and … Continue reading