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AP Chemistry – Class 35

Date Thursday, November 5th Bleach Analysis Lab – Quiz Three Q’s (titration calcs, error analysis, oxidation states) work in lab pairs can use LNB given the whole period to work will … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 34

Date Wednesday, November 4th Bleach Analysis Lab (Lab 04) data provided by instructor Known percent mass of NaClO in bleach = 5.25% Volume Na2S2O3 (mL) G1 FB/WH G2 EB/WJ G3 JD/YC G4 … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 31 / 32 / 33

Dates Wednesday, October 28th (lab reading – LNB prep) Friday, October 30th (lab solution prep) Monday, November 2nd (perform lab activity) Bleach Analysis Lab (Lab 04) how do we determine the … Continue reading