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CH35 – More Polarity

Dates P4 – Wednesday, November 15th P5 – Thursday, November 16th P7 – Thursday, November 16th Recap – Questions? bond polarity? 3D drawings? overall polarity? what do I look for? … Continue reading


CH32 – Shapes and Names

Dates P4 – Thursday, November 9th P5 – Friday, November 10th P7 – Friday, November 10th Recap – VSEPR Shapes guiding principles where are reference materials (charts)? CH29 how do … Continue reading


CH29 – Models

Dates P4 – Thursday, November 2nd P5 – Thursday, November 2nd P7 – Thursday, November 2nd Recap Lewis structures formal charge resonance New Idea – 3D VSEPR what do they … Continue reading

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AP Chemistry – VSEPR