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CP35 – Polarity!

Date Wednesday, November 15th Quiz (15 minutes) Lewis structure VSEPR shapes New Idea – Polarity! Slide Presentation [LINK] Electronegativity Bond Polarity Molecule Polarity Super Cool Simulation [LINK] Homework CHapter Notes … Continue reading


CH27 – Dots!

Dates P4 – Monday, October 30th P5 – Monday, October 30th P7 – Monday, October 30th Class Business Tests are graded I am waiting on a few who missed Note: … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 35

Dates Period A: Wednesday, November 4th Period B: Wednesday, November 4th Period F: Thursday, November 5th Lewis Structures – Quiz (15 minutes) students given two formulas draw Lewis structure determine formal charge VSEPR … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 34

Dates Period A: Tuesday, November 3rd Period B: Tuesday, November 3rd Period F: Wednesday, November 4th Lewis Structures – Practice Write the names of each formula Draw the Lewis Structure Formal Charge … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 33

Dates Period A: Friday, October 30th Period B: Monday, November 2nd Period F: Monday, November 2nd Lewis Structures – Formal Charge why use? help verify structure in general – FC … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 32

Dates Period A: Thursday, October 29th Period B: Thursday, October 29th Period F: Friday, October 30th Bonding Bond Polarity Examples Ch. 8 (27, 29, 33, 34, 35) Lewis Structure putting … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 42

Dates Periods B, D: Wednesday, April 15th Period G: Thursday, April 16th Bonding Electronegativity Bond Polarity Examples Lewis Structures How to approach? Practice – practice! Ch. 8 (81 – 84)


Chemistry Honors – Class 41

Date Periods B, D, G: Tuesday, April 14th New Material – Bonding PPT Presentation (PDF in Schoology) Terms Chemical bonds bond energy ionic bonding ionic compound covalent bonding polar covalent … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Classes 43 – 48

Dates Friday, November 21st Monday, November 24th Monday, December 1st Tuesday, December 2nd Wednesday, December 3rd Friday, December 5th (Exam) New Material – Bonding Draw Lewis structures Build 3D structure … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 42

Date Wednesday, November 19th Lab Recap What are the main concepts? What are the calculations? What are the limitations / uncertainties? LNB due on Friday New Material – Bonding basis … Continue reading