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CH12 -Pulling Together

Dates P1 – Friday, September 23rd P3 – Thursday, September 22nd P5 – Monday, September 26th Recap – Worksheet ionization energy trends other connections on the worksheet Review for the … Continue reading


CH10 – Orbital Magic

Dates P1 – Monday, September 19th P3 – Tuesday, September 20th P5 – Tuesday, September 20th Recap: Electrons QN tell us where an electron can be 60 possible options on … Continue reading


CH09 – Configurations

Dates: P3 – Friday, September 16th P1 – Friday, September 16th P7 – Monday, September 19th Class Business (Looking Ahead) Exam 01 – Sept 27-28 (Units 1-2) Exam 02 – … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 35

Date Thursday, November 6th New Material – Periodic Table The BEST PERIODIC TABLE on the Interwebs Periodic Table reflects electronic structure properties vary across and down the table The Periodic … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 34

Date Tuesday, November 4th Review Homework assigning quantum numbers translated meaning for orbitals recap of rules for numbers New Material – Electron Configurations using the periodic table as your “friend” … Continue reading