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CP09 – Easy Quiz

Date Monday, January 29th Class Business Turn in LNB (for those who are late doing so) Turn in practice HW (after review for quiz) Review for the Quiz SF addition … Continue reading


CP08 – More Units

Date Thursday, January 25th Recap – Lab Graph What did it show? what is the meaning of the slope? why is there scatter in the data? Revisiting – Units and … Continue reading


CP05 – Units & DA

Date Friday, January 19th (MEME DAY) Recap – SF Math Review HW Questions? New Idea – Units! Respect the units! not just an afterthought learning process… examples Practice Worksheet [Shared] … Continue reading


CP08 – Dimensional Analysis

Date Friday, January 27th Recap Homework work through examples from worksheet 1 [LINK] how did I show my work? how do I account for significant figures? Practice Material Worksheet 2 [LINK] … Continue reading