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CH40 – “H” is for “Henthalpy”

Dates P4 – Wednesday, April 25th P5 – Thursday, April 26th P7 – Friday, April 27th Lab Recap what did you determine for “c” ? what identity did you determine … Continue reading


CP40 – Digital Lab

Date Wednesday, May 3rd Lab Day Set up Vernier Collect lab data Be sure and record observations of metal Lab Calculations process data review lab calculations compare to knowns which one … Continue reading


CH40 – Thermo

Dates P1 – Tuesday – May 2nd P3 – Wednesday – May 3rd P5 – Tuesday – May 2nd Class Business Test Class 42 Covers only Unit 11 (Thermo) Acid-Base … Continue reading


CH39 – Heats of Reaction

Dates P1 – Thursday, April 27th P3 – Tuesday, May 2nd P5 – Monday, May 1st Recap Enthalpy why do we need this energy? formal definition working application of this … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors – Class 46

Dates Periods B, D: Tuesday, December 2nd Period G: Wednesday, December 3rd Energy of Reactions Calorimetry is used to determine DH (kind of like the Peanut Lab) chemical reaction in … Continue reading