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CP14 – Lab Day!

Date Thursday, February 8th Lab Day Notes Lighting Bunsen Burner Disposal of waste Safety of Burner Location of Materials Homework Lab Calculations in LNB <what happens when I search “Hydrate … Continue reading


CH10 – Hydrate Lab

Dates P4 – Thursday, February 1st P5 – Thursday, February 1st P7 – Friday, February 2nd Lab Day – Notes demonstration – lighting bunsen burner demonstration – handling crucible and … Continue reading


CP15 – Hydration

Date Tuesday, Febraury 14th Long Block – Part 1: Hydrate Lab is your LNB prepared? bunsen burner instruction what is data? what are calculations? location of materials disposal of materials … Continue reading


Chemistry Honors: Spirit Week 2016

Cool looking crystals! Dates Classes 17, 18, 19 Monday, February 8th – Friday, February 12th Each Class Meets 3 Times Only one lab this week (not two) Day 1: Hydrate … Continue reading