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AP Chemistry: Class 34 & 35

Dates Monday, March 21st Tuesday, March 22nd Finish Study of Equilibrium Review Ksp problems Homework due Tuesday Two extra problems in folder for extra Quiz Tuesday ONE AP problem Ksp … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 21

Date Wednesday, February 24th Equilibrium Recap Equilibrium expressions “K” value (meaning? calculate?) “Q” value (when to use? meaning?) homogeneous v heterogeneous pocesses Practice Scenarios 04-B-1 (basic ideas) 00-A-1 (given information … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 22

Date Tuesday, February 24th Topic: Equilibrium Review of EQ Constant “K” Factors affecting the position of the equilibrium “Q” value and the position of the equilibrium AP Practice Problems 03-B-1 … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 21

Date Monday, February 23rd Class Business return LNB return Kinetics AP Problems 8.5 weeks of class remain before the exam Equilibrium PPT Overview Basic concepts Sample Problem (08-A-1) Homework Chapter … Continue reading