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A breezy summer afternoon seated at an outdoor cafe and I am searching for the next jump. Most don’t have this luxury and yet that doesn’t make it easier. I’m … Continue reading


Seating Charts

March 22, 2018 For the remainder of the semester, I will implement a seating chart in each of the four chemistry sections I teach. This is something I have been … Continue reading


Sunday Night Ruminations


Analyzing AP Performance

In this post I will take a look at some performance data objectively, a topic about which I preach constantly to my students. Before doing so I must comment on … Continue reading


Students’ Problem-Solving Audience

Try as I might to be open about how students should complete and submit homework problems, I have arrived at an old conclusion: the audience matters. What exactly does this … Continue reading

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Stuff Overheard

I am the captain of my data! Nothing is stopping you from being great! This stapler is my favorite object The more you tell me that you don’t understand this … Continue reading


The Two Things in Technology

I am getting cranky in my old age, and that must be clear to the many people I encounter in my life. Maybe I have been at this teaching “thing” … Continue reading


Baseball Teaches – Doh!

We only learn when we fail. I believe this to my marrow so I will state this again for emphasis. We only learn when we fail. It is therefore unfortunate … Continue reading



Free at last! I have eliminated textbooks for the coming school year: it’s as if I lost 50 pounds on a crash diet. My dumping textbooks was prompted by several … Continue reading