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CP23 – Molarity

Date Thursday, March 8th Class Business Quiz handing back Questions? Recap – Dissociation dissociation equations practice Marching Ahead – Molarity Molarity Defined Calculations UNITS!! Practice, Practice, Practice Homework Textbook Ch. … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: Class 32 & 33

Dates Wednesday, March 16th Friday, March 18th Exam Recap Return Acid-Base exam review answers and concepts coaching how to show work calculator: friend or foe? New Idea: Solubility Ksp works … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 08

Date Friday, January 22nd Lab Day; Solubility vs Temperature Disposal: lots of water and you can dispose of the materials down the sink Use Pasco probes for temperature Option of … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 07

Date Wednesday, January 20th LNB 2.0 – Conversation conversation about better guidelines for LNB how to streamline lab prep and LNB use without giving up benefits review post [LINK] and … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 06

Date Tuesday, January 19th Class Business Return quizzes Return Homework Questions? Solution Concentrations Molarity Molality Percent Composition Mole Fraction Examples of each type Is there a way to convert between … Continue reading


Does Solubility Depend on Temperature?

Introduction Solubility is defined as the quantity of solute that can completely dissolve in a given amount of solvent. This can be expressed in a variety of ways (and units). … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 13

Date Friday, September 19th Homework Review Homework Applying solubility to qualitative analysis In-Class Problem Solving in Groups Ch. 4 (94, 106, 112)


AP Chemistry – Class 12

Date Wednesday, September 17th Homework Review mole relationships and mole mapping examples of calculations Precipitation Reactions how do I know? how do I predict? examples net ionic reactions – why? … Continue reading