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Welcome to EDU4113

This blog is dedicated to supporting students enrolled in EDU4113 (Technology Applications in Teaching), taught at Notre Dame de Namur University, in Belmont, CA. The intent of this approach is to model the possibilities for interacting within educational environments: teachers with students, teachers with teachers, teachers with the community. I am excited to start this course with you all and I look forward to collaborating with you on this project. Be prepared to operate in a paperless mode, as I will be asking you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this approach. As always, I see this course as a conversation, one whose goal is to support you in becoming a more successful teacher. The information will be updated throughout the course to reflect what is covered. Be sure and check back to make sure that youhave the most recent content. I am excited to support you on your journey through this required class. Please email me if you have questions about the course.


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