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EDU4113 – Spring Session – 2012

Welcome to Spring Session @ NDNU! I am looking forward to discussing technology applications in education with you for the next five sessions. The purpose of this post is to overview the basics of this course’s sessions and give you the “lay of the land” as pertains to this course.

  • First, all of the information for this course is contained in this blog. Should you need to find something just enter the appropriate term in the “search” field. Also, use the “tags” located to the right or the drop-down menu at the top of this blog.
  • Next, all of your information will be posted on your own blog. This includes your reflections, checklist items and your final project. There is no need to email me with content or assignment information. (Of course you may email me with questions as needed.)
  • Class session 4 will be conducted off site at St. Raymond’s School in Menlo Park. While the focus of the lesson is to work with a SmartBoard, other parts of the course will be covered at that time. Your attendance is expected at every course meeting.
As topics arise I will answer questions in class, and online, so please do your best to check the course information as we go ahead. And as always, please email me with any questions you may have.


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