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Robotics – Lego Project 2



  • The goal of the project is to build a robot that can successfully explore a room without stopping.


  • Each student should start with the basic robot building instructions [LINK].
  • After building the robot, the student should download the provided program and install this on the robot.
  • The student should test the robot’s performance, modifying as needed to make sure that it can successfully navigate any room.
  • Students are encouraged to add extra “bells and whistles” such as sounds, lights, rotations (etc) to personalize the robot behavior.


  • The students will present their robots to a gathering of the RSCJ at the Oakwood facility. Each student will stand up and introduce him/herself as well as his/her robot.
  • Each student will discuss a unique building and programming element that they have included.
  • The robots will them be placed on the floor as a demonstration.


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