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Robotics Go-Carts

The class Go-Cart project proceeds in unexpected ways. Both teams are unsatisfied with the basic parameters of the project and have added structural and design extras. Team Colin Team John


Robotics Crew @ Prom

Yup – they know how to have fun…


Robotics Go-Cart Challenge

The next challenge in the Robotics class is to build a student go-cart. The parameters of the project are quite open-ended, allowing the students to explore different designs. In order … Continue reading


Tetrix Navigating Robots

Tetrix Navigation Robot Project Students were presented with the challenge of building a robot and making the robot find its way to a blue square located somewhere in a maze. … Continue reading


Tetrix Maze Robots

Tetrix Maze Robot Project Students were presented with the challenge of building a robot and making the robot navigate a preset course using Tetrix programming and a Lego Mindstorm brick. … Continue reading


White Elephant Gift Exchange

Today in class we exchanged White Elephant gifts. To add extra spice we added a “right-left” story aspect. Each wrapped gift was selected by a student and then a story … Continue reading


Meet the Robotics Team


Robotics – Lego Project 2

Goal The goal of the project is to build a robot that can successfully explore a room without stopping. Guidelines Each student should start with the basic robot building instructions … Continue reading


Lego Robots – Early Battling


Class Text Notifications

I am going to use a new free Internet service, one that allows teachers to remind students of important assignments via text. As the teacher I won’t know anyone’s phone … Continue reading

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Lego Robots – Round 1


Back to School Night – 2012


Robotics – Lego Project 1

Date: Period B – Tuesday, September 4 Finish Programming Tutorial New Project – Bumper Car Project Instructions [LINK] Class Competition – who can build a robot that stays moving the … Continue reading


Robotics – Class 03

Date: Period B – Friday, August 31 Finish Building Lego Robot Introduction to Programming (Part 1) Introduction to Programming (Part 2)


Robotics – Class 01

Date: Period B – Tuesday, August 28 Getting Started assigning laptops assigning Lego kits building 1st Robot Homework None


Robotics – Class 00

Date: Period B – Monday, August 27 Course Introduction Materials needed Safety Course Flow Course Information Homework What do you want to do in this course?