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AP Chemistry – Fall 2012 – Final Exam

H2O, H2O, H2O

H2O, H2O, H2O

Final Exam Thinking

Did you know there is a document which lists all course objectives for all of the chapters? It is called “Course Objectives” and can be found in the course Google Drive. The guidelines for the final exam are quite straightforward as discussed many times in class. You will be tested on how well you can apply the topics in the assigned chapters. This is to say that you could start by examining the course objectives for the assigned chapters. Then, you could review samples questions from each chapter, taking a couple from each section. There are more problems then there is time to prepare for this exam. Do not worry, though. As long as you truly took notes on the assigned chapters, and the videos, then you will have the proper foundation.

Also, I was very meticulous in structuring each of the unit’s lessons, framing each day with a “Big Question” to consider.  (Luckily for you, this blog has every day’s lesson outlined for review.) Can you answer the big question? Can you explain, concisely, the theory behind each question? Too often students try and game the system and figure out what is going to be asked. This is a very risky strategy and it might pay off. However, more often it tends to result in lower results. I would make sure that you answer the question being asked and not the question you studied or memorized as a pattern.

I handed out three practice problems from prior AP exams, and they are located in the Google Docs folder as well. You would be wise to finish those as a way to test how well you know the topics. While these questions will not be on the actual exam, they represent the depth of the questions that will be asked. Please do not simply memorize these questions as that will lead to a risky strategy characterized by eggs and baskets.

Final Exam Structure

  • Three questions, each worth approximately the same amount of points
  • Question 1 – the Periodic Table and connection to Quantum Theory and Electronic Structure
  • Question 2 – Quantum Theory and Connections to Emission Spectra
  • Question 3 – Testing what you know from the final two labs


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