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Science Service Outreach Program


Chemistry Fun

Dear Students

Starting in January the SHP Science Department will host four afternoons of science with students from the Siena Youth Center of the St. Francis Center in Redwood City. The classes will take place on the following dates: January 16, January 30, February 6 and February 13. The four classes will be focused on four different science topics: chemistry, physics, biology and astronomy.

Proposed Structure of the Course

Wednesday, January 16

  • Hosted by Dr. Stewart Slafter
  • Outdoor work in the garden and the farm
  • Topic: sustainability

Wednesday, January 30

  • Hosted by Dr. Libby Jones
  • Biology explorations
  • Topic: animals
  • dissections & microscopes

Wednesday, February 6

  • Hosted by Dr. Guy Letteer
  • Physics fun
  • Topic: motion, energy, forces
  • iPads and motion sensor

Wednesday, February 13

  • Hosted by Colin Quinton, Audra Nemir
  • Chemistry demonstrations
  • Topics: that that make you go BOOM!
  • demonstrations, Mentos & Coke, rubber ball

I will be assisted by several colleagues including Audra Nemir, Guy Letteer and Libby Jones. Each of these teachers brings an area of expertise to help inspire students in the areas of science as well as “bring the fun” into the classroom. Each class will take about an hour and during this time the students will actively engage in hands-on science activities, learning about core science ideas while enjoying the fun of each topic.

I am looking for students to assist with each of these days, who are interested in having fun and meeting some fantastic students who are eager to see what the topics are all about. The teachers will create the basic plan for each session yet it is out hope that the students can run the demonstration and work with the students. This is your chance to live dangerously! Please see Mr. Quinton if you are interested in helping out and having fun.

I am looking forward to science fun,



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