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AP Chemistry – Class 63

LabworkLab Discussion: Heat of Vaporization of Water


  • Period E/F  – Friday, February 1st

Big Idea: How can we determine the energy needed to change water from liquid to vapor?

Class Activity – Review Lab Processing

  • shared data with Quinton [LINK]
  • what is the goal of the lab?
  • how is it possible to determine heat of vaporization from vapor pressure?
  • what is heat of vaporization?
  • what is vapor pressure?
  • what do I have to plot a line?
  • what units apply in the calculations?
  • what do I do with “rogue data”?

Lab Reports

  • steps for the lab report (see posted documents)
  • lab worth 30 points – LNB worth 10 points
  • lab report writing is very different from writing in other classes
  • remove the “me” from all references – objectivity key
  • “more” is not “better” – be concise
  • follow directions
  • follow directions


  • Lab Report Due Tuesday
  • Submit to
  • Turn in LNB in class on Tuesday with all lab information


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