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Chemistry – Classes 16 & 17

Period B – Thursday-Friday, September 26-27 Exam Preparation Chapter 3 Exam on Friday Practice Problems from textbook 41, 42, 53, 58, 67, 71, 73, 76 support every answer Big Ideas … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 15

Period B – Tuesday, September 24th Lab Recap What worked? What didn’t work? Reporting Lab Results Lab Report Guidelines Lab Report Rubric Homework Finish Typed Lab Report Submit as a … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 14

Period B – Friday, September 20th Lab – Separation of a Mixture Be sure and complete by the end of class How do I sue a filter paper? Answer questions … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 13

Period B – Friday, September 20th Planning for the lab Download document in the shared folder for labs: Salt Rush Work in pairs to create procedure to complete lab Students … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 12

Period B – Wednesday, September 18th Review Lab questions? comments? turn in final thoughts Next Lab Uses physical means to separate components the same types of changes seen in the … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 11

Period B – Tuesday, September 16th Lab – Chemical and Physical Changes Bunsen Burner instructions setting up lab equipment lab safety material location complete as many materials as possible Learning … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 10

Period B – Friday, September 13th Lab Recap what did you find? what do we do (scientists) when we conclude different from known theory? Other observations? Click to Run New … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 9

Explanation of the above picture – LINK Period B – Thursday, September 12th Exam 1- Recap showing work answer key what to do about questions New Material – Matter & … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 8

Period B – Wednesday, September 11th Unit 1 Exam No Homework


Chemistry – Class 7

Period B – Monday, September 9th Review Homework & Extend How do I show my work? Why are units important? How do I convert from one unit to another? Practice, … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 6

Period B – Friday, September 5th Review Homework & Extend how to show your work? focus on units process – process – process More conversion practice Homework Page 120 (80 … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 5

Period B – Wednesday, September 4th Review Lab Examples of Lab Conclusions Are these controlled experiments? New Material – Units & Measurement measurement – quantity & unit mass, temp, volume … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 4

Period B – Tuesday, September 3rd Class Business Dropbox Folder create shared Dropbox folder will be best way to submit digital work Course Documents Course IP Course Syllabus Lab Day … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 3

Period B – Friday, August 30th Class Business Review reading small groups big bullet points independent vs dependent variables Student Picture Names Lab plan identify the two variables in your … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 2

Period B – Wednesday, August 28th Class Business Collect safety documents demonstrating location of safety equipment safety quiz name cards Homework Read Chapter 1 Section 3 Take the Self-Check on … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 1

Period B – Tuesday, August 27th Class Business Digital textbook – checking in Where are documents? [LINK] Big Idea – What is this chemistry all about? Demo observe the demonstration … Continue reading


Chemistry – Class 0

Period B – Monday, August 26th Class Business Welcome Digital textbook Class web site Blackboard Big Idea – How do I survive this course? Just. Keep. Working. Don’t worry about grade … Continue reading


AP Chemistry: End of Days

Class 94 = Monday , April 22nd (Electrochemistry) 2007-A-3 2007-B-3 2008-A-3 2009-B-6 Class 95  = Wednesday, April 24th (Question 4) AP Question 4 Prep Reaction Types Example Problems Homework: Complete … Continue reading