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AP Chemistry: Classes 84 – 86



  • Periods E/F: Monday, March 25th – Wednesday, March 27th

Class Business

  • AP Practice problems are due on Monday
  • In-Class practice work on Tuesday
  • Exam on Wednesday (see exam objectives)
  • NOTE: the first person to email me the correct (and full) chemical equation for the picture for this post will receive extra credit. Also include the names of all of the species.
  • My favorite Object!

Review AP Problems

  •  Le Chatelier’s Principle – how does this apply?
  • Work in groups to review problems
  • More problems added the the folder
  • NOTE: only ened to complete five of them for complete homework

Test Information

  • Two question (AP style)
  • first question = Kc-Kp
  • second question = Ksp
  • students will be able to use graphing calculators
  • 45 minutes allowed for the test


  • Study for Exam on Wednesday (short classes)
  • Suggested: complete practice AP M/C Exams for the Monday after Spring Break
  • Chapter 15 Notes


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