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AP Chemistry: Class 91


Gibbs is the Answer!


  • Period E: Tuesday, April 16th
  • Period F: Tuesday, April 16th

Class Business

  • Acid-Base Exams are graded – please see me for your score (not everyone has taken the exam)
  • Acid-BAse exam answer key posted / please review
  • Final lecture content posted in shared documents (PPT presentations)
  • Final practice AP Problems posted (due before last exam)
  • I have another practice M/C exam for you ONLY if you have completed the first two

New Material – Big Question= How do I know when something will happen? (PPT)

  • What is NOT thermodynamics?
  • What IS thermodynamics?
  • What is spontaneous?
  • Gibbs Free Energy is the KEY to unlocking this question (Yo, G! Wazzup?)

Video Assistance


  • Work on AP Problems (due next Wednesday)
  • Work on Chapter 18 Notes (due next Wednesday)


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