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AP Chemistry: Class 1


Period E – Tuesday, August 27th

Class Business

  • Make sure your Dropbox folder is set up
  • Place chapter notes (PDF) in this folder
  • Hand in homework on paper

Big Idea – Why aren’t numbers just numbers?

  • All of science generates numbers based upon data
  • Data has limitations – device and person
  • Only write what is significant
  • Calculations must reflect – hence the “rules”

Test for Thursday

  • There are 6 questions, each with multiple parts (see test objectives)
  • Questions
    • sig fig calculations
    • unit conversions
    • atomic particles
    • solubility of salts
    • writing formulas from names
    • writing names from formulas
  • Examples and answering student questions


  • Make sure you have a set up a shared dropbox folder
  • Study for exam (first 25 min of class)


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