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Chemistry – Class 1


Period B – Tuesday, August 27th

Class Business

  • Digital textbook – checking in
  • Where are documents? [LINK]

Big Idea – What is this chemistry all about?


  • observe the demonstration
  • write as many observations as possible (not graded!)
  • small groups – combine your observations

Classroom Discussion

  • summarize observations
  • what did you miss?
  • is there more to learn about this?
  • how could you expand on this to learn more?
  • what would you need to do this?

Small Groups

  • scan Chapter 1 – pages 42-44
  • plan for an activity to expand on this in next class
  • what do you hope to accomplish?
  • what questions do you wish to answer?
  • how do you communicate this?
  • write out your plan as clearly as possible


  • Download and read safety rules – parent & student signature
  • group quiz on safety next class


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