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AP Chemistry: Class 2

Test 0

Period E – Thursday, August 29th

Class Business

  • Collect Homework from Summer Assignment
  • Course Document Location (see link on the right side of page)
  • Lab Notebooks


  • There are 6 questions, each with multiple parts (see test objectives)
  • Questions
    • sig fig calculations
    • unit conversions
    • atomic particles
    • solubility of salts
    • writing formulas from names
    • writing names from formulas

New Concepts

  • Safety – contract and locations of safety equipment
  • Lab Thoughts
    • everything goes in your lab notebook
    • write only in pen
    • never tear out pages
    • see rules in posted documents


  • Make sure you have a set up a shared dropbox folder
  • download and read safety rules – parent signature – place into Dropbox
  • Safety quiz on Friday (group quiz – open note)
  • Read and take notes on the lab procedure (Counting)


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