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AP Chemistry – Final Lab Project

Dates Tuesday, December 8th Wednesday, December 9th Friday, December 11th Tuesday, December 15th Project Setup Class divided into four groups (see assignments below) Each person has different role (see descriptions … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 46 / 47 / 48

Dates Tuesday, December 1st Thursday, December 3rd Friday, December 4th Gas Laws Review practice problems posted in the Schoology content folder exam on Friday (12/4) over gas laws material Last … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 45

  Date Monday, November 30th Exam Return a word about AP scoring a word about burden of proof a word about score translation New Material KMT Overview of major points … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Classes 42 / 43 / 44

Dates Thursday, November 19th Friday, November 20th Tuesday, November 24th Molar Volume Lab The purpose of this lab is to produce a volume of gas as determined by your instructor. … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 41

Date Tuesday, November 17th Chapter 10 Practice 57 – 62 at least 1/2 page per question write down given information – draw picture solve showing complete units Homework Finish assigned textbook problems


AP Chemistry – Class 40

Date Monday, November 16th New Material – Gas Laws micro v macro properties of gases laws that translate and predict PV = nRT Dalton’s Law partial pressure KMT Teacher Input – … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 35

Date Thursday, November 5th Bleach Analysis Lab – Quiz Three Q’s (titration calcs, error analysis, oxidation states) work in lab pairs can use LNB given the whole period to work will … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 34

Date Wednesday, November 4th Bleach Analysis Lab (Lab 04) data provided by instructor Known percent mass of NaClO in bleach = 5.25% Volume Na2S2O3 (mL) G1 FB/WH G2 EB/WJ G3 JD/YC G4 … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 31 / 32 / 33

Dates Wednesday, October 28th (lab reading – LNB prep) Friday, October 30th (lab solution prep) Monday, November 2nd (perform lab activity) Bleach Analysis Lab (Lab 04) how do we determine the … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 29 & Class 30

Dates Monday, October 25th (practice) Tuesday, October 26th (exam) Exam AP Formula Sheet / AP Periodic Table Class Calculator 10 M/C Questions 4 FR Questions FR Questions Energy Levels & Spectra … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 28

Date Thursday, October 22nd Chapter 6 Practice 18, 23, 28, 37, 56, 70 (full + orbital diagrams) Questions? Clarifications? Activity How do we explain the two graphs above? New Material – … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 27

Date Wednesday, October 21st Quantum Theory – Skillz Calculate the wavelength of electromagnetic radiation given its frequency or its frequency given its wavelength. Explain what photons are and be able to calculate … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 26

Date Monday, October 19th Quantum Theory – Orbitals Flame Test Demo! Old Theory Where is electron? Probability space Space depends upon energy level Space described by quantum numbers ORBITRON = … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 25

Date Friday, October 16th Quantum Theory – Orbitals Old Theory Where is electron? Probability space Space depends upon energy level Space described by quantum numbers ORBITRON = AWESOME PTABLE = … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 24

Date Thursday, October 15th Class Business Hand back exam Patterns? Posted solution set See me during OH for any questions Collect LNB (lab calculations) New Material – Quantum Schoology Posted … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 22 / 23

Dates Wednesday, October 7th (practice and review) Thursday, October 8th (exam) Exam Structure 10 M/C Questions FR1 – PV Diagram FR2 – Hess’s Law FR3 – Calorimetry Provided Materials AP Periodic … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 21

Date – Monday, October 5th Lab – Hess’s Law what did you find? what calculations are necessary to get an answer? how do you support that something is true? Hess’s Law – … Continue reading


AP Chemistry – Class 20

Date – Friday, October 2nd Lab – Hess’s Law safety reminder (ammonia) Sparkvue usage Homework lab calcs in LNB