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Chemistry Honors – Class 5

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  • Period A – Wednesday, September 4th
  • Periods C, D – Thursday, September 5th

Class Business

  • Questions about chapter 3 terms?

Big Idea – How do I separate a mixture of substances?

Small Group Activity

  • design a lab activity that could be used to separate a mixture of items
  • Items include: salt, water, iron, copper, alcohol, oil
  • be specific about the steps
  • identify the basis for separation at each step (property)
  • be prepared to conduct the lab next class period
  • write up a plan: purpose, procedure, data tables


  • Finish lab plan – be prepared to conduct lab next period
  • Identify 23 terms from Ch. 1, Ch. 3 (Key Terms)
    • make digital flash cards)
    • Due next class
  • exam Monday / Tuesday (Ch. 1, Ch. 3)


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